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For 3 out of 4 people, nutrition changes significantly improve chronic digestive symptoms such as IBS.

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Source: American Society for Nutrition


Americans with digestive disease
It takes
years on average to get diagnosed
For more than
of people their digestive conditions severely impacts quality of life

To make clinical nutrition accessible and affordable for chronic conditions.

6 out of 10

American adults have at least one chronic disease, including cancer, heart disease, and diabetes that can be managed with evidence-based nutrition. Source.

By empowering people with self-management tools, we can make a difference in chronic disease progression and overall symptom management.

Our Story

At Nutrive, our journey began with a profound personal experience. Our founder, Nanda, once grappled with debilitating digestive conditions that affected her quality of life.

Frustrated with traditional doctor visits that didn't improve symptoms or provide solutions beyond diagnosis, she embarked on a quest for change. Dietary modifications based on science-backed clinical nutrition were the answer. The complexity and challenges she encountered inspired her to make it easier for others.

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Be part of a dynamic team dedicated to transforming the future of nutrition. Whether you're passionate about dietetics, sales, marketing, or operations, Nutrive provides a nurturing environment for growth and innovation. Join us in shaping a healthier world while advancing your career.

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