Make simple nutrition changes, improve your digestive symptoms in days.

Our tools combine evidence-based nutrition with user-friendly simplicity. The most personalized and cost-effective solution for IBS.

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Transforming how you eat & feel

Unlock your path to wellness with our dietitian-reviewed, cost-effective solution. Tailored nutrition is no longer a luxury; it's your everyday reality.

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Feel Empowered to eat the way you deserve

Easily discover foods and recipes free from your triggers. Personalize your app with input from your dietitian or use our self-help course to adjust your settings.

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Food As Medicine.
Personal To You.

For more than 80% of people, their nutrition choices are directly correlated to digestive symptoms.

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Find Safe Foods in Seconds

Experience confidence in your food choices with instant guidance. Our extensive food database contains thousands of ingredients and is dietitian-reviewed.

We simplify your search for safe foods without second-guessing your choices. Whether you're searching for ingredients in a specific dish or seeking alternatives.

No more endless research, guesswork and anxiety over your meals.

Hundreds of delicious recipes, approved by dietitians

Nutrition is personal, and making changes can be hard with limited options. Your recipe library is personalized to your FODMAP triggers —flavorful and enjoyable.

Making low FODMAP eating easy, one meal at a time with your low FODMAP cookbook at your fingertips.

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Simplifying Your FODMAP lifestyle

Nutrive empowers you on the low FODMAP journey, meeting you where you are.

Whether you're starting the low FODMAP diet or expanding your diet, we're your trusted guide to:

  • Meal plan in no time with your personal low FODMAP cookbook
  • Rediscover the joy of eating, without discomfort

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Simple and effective

I recently started the low FODMAP diet and found it hard to understand. Nutrive made it easy to follow, which was a game-changer! Must get for anyone who has IBS and wants to feel better.

Jenn - Verified User
Finally, no more research

I used to search for hours to find meals that won't upset my stomach. With this app, I've been able to adjust my favorite recipes and discover new ones easily. Lifesaver and timesaver that I can't go without.

Sarah - Verified User
Love food again

I spent a lot of money fixing my gut issues and wish I'd found this sooner. With the clear list of foods and recipes, you don't have to think at all. I highly recommend to give this a try.

Max - Verified User
FODMAP was finally easy

The low FODMAP diet is so complex, and the app made it so much easier to stick to the diet. I highly recommend the Nutrive app and course to anyone looking for support on the low FODMAP diet.

Joey - Verified User

Explore the power of nutrition.

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